Get a special offer for a real sex doll from world’s leading manufacturer

That stuff in the title? It’s not just a bold, baseless claim. It’s a fact of life. We’ve done our research before choosing the be-all-end-all silicone sex doll option for you. We value our readers and we won’t ever try to waste your time with sub-par offers, so, if you’re willing to consider this kinda purchase, we suggest you check the information down below. It may end up being a life-changer for ya!

Get a special offer for a real sex doll from world’s leading manufacturer

OV Doll is a company operating from Japan. With their 8+ years’ worth of experience, they’ve managed to open offices in both UK and US. The company takes advantage of every advanced technology known to man to make their dolls as real as it gets. This here is revolutionary stuff. Long gone are the days when having a sex doll meant that you’re a creep that loves banging stilted Goddess Bunny-esque abominations.

Let’s talk about how customizable these things are. First off, the height – starts from 2ft 2in all the way to 5ft 7in. Speaking of the latter, there’s a great doll called Noarah. Since you’re on a celebrity erotica blog, we figured you’ll be able to appreciate the fact that Noarah’s a dead ringer for Jennifer Aniston circa 1995.

Of course, height’s one thing but what about all the other stuff? Believe it or not, you can customize hair color (brunette, blonde, redhead, every other color in existence) and style (pixie cut, long locks, frizzy hair, the Rachel, numerous others), eye color, bust size (A through E), complexion, and pubic hair (landing strip, trimmed, smooth as a veal cutlet, you name it). You can add tattoos, beauty marks, and many other things that make an already realistic doll even more realistic. There are also numerous “special” options, including elven dolls with elfish ears and halfsies – lower half or a torso. With two lower halves purchased, you’ll be able to go the Hans Bellmer mannequin route.

Jokes aside, let’s point out that these dolls are made from the highest quality materials with no fillers. It’s either soft touch silicone or TPE. The hair’s made from real wool and rooted by hand. There are bones and a titanium skeleton. What more could you possibly want from a real sex doll?

That was a rhetorical question, but we reckon y’all want a reasonable price for that? Maybe you’re still unsure and want to spend only the small amount you can easily part with? Well, OV Dolls can be purchased for as low as $700. It really is a gamechanger. Adding to that, the company offers free worldwide shipping, 24/7 support, discreet packaging, and 30-day return/moneyback guarantee.